Since 1946, nothing changed in the Parisian Restaurant Au Moulin à Vent, where the decoration ''Retro'' hurried to the sons of the Years...

Restaurant Au Moulin à Vent
(formerly Chez Henri)

This is one of the addresses that never goes out of style, and gives foreign visitors a first-hand opportunity to experience the best of France!

Located in one of the oldest sections of Paris where people still fond memoriesof the "Halle aux vins" (wholsale wine market), "Au Moulin à Vent" is named after one of the Beaujolais region's best-loved wines.

The surrondings, from the zinc bar to the patinated, are delightfully authentic. The cuisine is of the virtuous homestyle variety, with some remarkable Salers listings on the menu. The cellar was fortified with an impressive selection of grower's wines.

Since 2019, Théophile the manager of the restaurant and his team have had the pleasure of welcoming you to continue the tradition of the windmill at Henri's.



Many celebrities come to visit us regularly to sample the atmosphere of our restaurant and food of course!
Some have taken the time to leave a little souvenir. Here a small selection of our Guest Book.

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Our restaurant was created in 1946 in an old district of Paris,20 Rue des Fossés-Saint Bernard next to Notre-Dame de Paris